Whatsapp as your future marketing Platform

Marketing is the key factor for every successfull business.The marketing covers a lot of different campaign. All corresponding with
selling your company’s products and services.Advertising is the most obvious marketing activity and consumer research , which better
matches your product to consumer wants and needs.Communication is always key to business marketing.In today’s era marketing can be achieved through many ways
but social media marketing is best way.

Social marketing

Social marketing is a powerful way which covers all businesses to reach potential customers.All customers are already communicate with brands via social media so if you want to create brand, engage your audience through social platforms.Strong marketing on social media can bring amazing success to your business, creating faithfull brand supporter and even steer leads and sales.With the inflation of messaging apps(Whatsapp,telegram) and bots, the way many of us use social media to share and interact is fundamentally changing.


WhatsApp founded in the year 2009,WhatsApp has transform messaging services.WhatsApp – the social messaging service app acquired by Facebook $19bn on 19 feb 2014,is potentially the world’s rapidly growing communication app.WhatsApp has 1.5 billion monthly active users nowadays. It offers a rich set of features that include text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media,documents, and user location.WhatsApp is the only app that has No Ads, No Games and No Gimmicks. It gives you 100% pure messaging services.In,india it is more popular than facebook.WhatsApp currently has 200+ million users in india,which is around half of the total number of internet users in the country.To help businesses communicate better with their customers in India, WhatsApp launched WhatsAppfor Business.This new feature aims to simplify the process for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to connect with their customers.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is reliable,secure and simple way authorize business to gain their client all over the glob.Please  click here to start you need to first download and install whatsapp business.whatsapp will generate distinct record for your business with relevant information.information

To register,need one fresh mobile number means the number not yet registered with whatsapp.After installing Whatsapp business you can also register with landline number.

It Enables more feature After registering on whatsapp business

  • User can quickly identify your business and its category and alsoaware about your business Hours,website ,location and description.
  • Enables both side great healthy communication with consumers.
  • Business owner also set predefined set of notification for the instant reply.

WhatsApp Business Features

Business Profile:The ability for businesses to create their own profiles, including information such as a company description, email, address, and websites.

Quick Replies:Instant replies : let you store and resend message you rapidly send so you can answer general questions without any difficulty and immediately.

Automated Messages:Automated Messages: When you are unable to response your customer then you can set an default away message.You can also generate new Welcome message to introduce your customers to your business.

Statistics Of Messages: Analysis of messages for instance total number of messages were successfully read, sent and delivered.

Ways you can use

WhatsApp for business Marketing

  • Consumer service is not only difficult task but also it is very costly.But now with whatsapp,you can easily provide customer service. With Whatsapp you can communicate any consumer might have quickly.
  • Group messages are shared among all participants of a group, including responses from any member of the group.
  • WhatsApp is a platform that considerably supports video content, you can even send over product videos. If any consumer leaves a demo request, you can send over videos to his WhatsApp directly.
  • With the help of whatsapp,collecting feedback and ratings from consumer more easier and efortless.Instead of calling the consumer and collecting feedback.
  • It is important use of using whatsapp for business.You can generate special promotional codes your consumers can share to redeem at your business.
  • You can send order releated details like order status, order tracking links,order delivered on whatsapp to keep the customer updated on their transaction.

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