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Taxation Portal

ChurchShield LLC is rapidly growing organization focusing to provide taxation solutions to their clients.  Increasing to customer portfolio has makes it necessary to utilise an systematic approach for managing taxation related documents instead keeping them on hard-disk without any security.

Client Background

Churches and non-profit organizations have to deal with unique regulations, laws, and accounting issues. That’s why ChurchShield exists. Their mission is to help their clients to navigate these complicated waters while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and compliance.

ChurchShield offers Accounting, Payroll, HR and other services which were designed specifically for churches.

Challenges Faced

Expanding business rapidly requires upgradation & automation of their legacy system in order to provide access to their expanding team and business process. Here, we have assisted ChurchShield with efficient customized solution.

Document Management is a crucial part for any employee or organization. When it comes to mange taxation related documents of clients, it becomes essential to keep security tight enough.

Technologies Used

  • Database — SQL Server 2008
  • Web Technology-.Net (MVC),AngularJS
  • Tools-   Visual Studio 2015
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2008

Solution Delivered

Problem was simple, but essential to resolve. Hence, we’ve developed a simple yet essential Taxation Documents Management Portal with keeping security at highest.

The portal is capable to allow access based on credentials and access rights. It automatically manage documents divided by clients and taxation year.

Customers of our clients also has an secured access so that they can upload or download any documents as required.

The portal also keeps a log of each users each action in order to track activities perform by any user.

Return on Investment

ChurchShield can efficiently provide access to their staff as per their task assignment for taxation.

All in One Document Management Portal for Taxation solves the storage management problem.

Clients of ChurchShield has an easy yet secure access to manage their own Taxation related documents.

The task to share documents becomes much easier, faster and effective.

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