Payroll Portal

Payroll Portal

Payroll process required client’s frequently updated and verified data in order to process payroll. ChurchShield LLC was facing difficulty while communicating with their clients regarding to the Payroll services they offer in terms of updated data/information of client’s employees.

Client Background

Churches and non-profit organizations have to deal with unique regulations, laws, and accounting issues. That’s why ChurchShield exists. Their mission is to help their clients to navigate these complicated waters while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and compliance.

ChurchShield offers Accounting, Payroll, HR and other services which were designed specifically for churches.

Challenges Faced

Rapid business expansion requires upgradation & automation of their legacy system in order to provide access to their expanding team/customers. Here, we have assisted ChurchShield with efficient customized solution.

ChurchShield have to reprocess the data processed & provided by their clients in different format.

Getting ungeneralised data with many possible human errors.

Their clients needs to ask their employees frequently to gather data which requires a lot of efforts even-though they have outsource Payroll process.

Technologies Used

  • Database — SQL Server 2008
  • Architecture – 3 Tear Architecture
  • Language – C#
  • Middleware – WCF Service
  • Web Technology – SharePoint (.Net)
  • Service – WCF Service
  • Tools – Visual Studio 2010, PowerShell
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2008

Solution Delivered

We’ve targeted the bullseye with the innovative idea of creating a web based portal incorporated with their existing Microsoft GP Dynamics 2013.

A SharePoint based portal where each client has an access with ability to add their employees to provide them access for submission of current data in general format.

A portal than communicate with Microsoft GP to fetch and submit the information in appropriate manner. This delivers the ultimate satisfaction in data process management system to the client. Easy yet efficient interface allows ChurchShield to share access across its clients.

Return on Investment

ChurchShield can efficiently grant access across number of users/clients.

The application efficiently helps to gain access of all updated and verified data submitted by their clients with proper access rights enabled.

It had mad the HR Operations of their clients much easier and effective.

It not only takes care of payroll related data but also send acknowledgement to either party which keeps them aware of ongoing processes.

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