WH 1 Taxation

ChurchShield LLC is rapidly growing in Indiana State of USA.  Their main function of making money is to provide taxation solutions to their clients and filling tax to the Indiana State Government according to the law. They were facing difficulty in to manage their clients taxation filling according to WH1 of Indiana State.  We delivered efficient yet secure system that manages all its functionalities effectively using Microsoft .Net (MVC)

Client Background

  • Churches and non-profit organizations have to deal with unique regulations, laws, and accounting issues. That’s why ChurchShield exists. Their mission is to help their clients to navigate these complicated waters while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and compliance.
  • ChurchShield offers Accounting, Payroll, HR and other services which were designed specifically for churches.

Challenges Faced

  • Expanding business rapidly requires upgradation & automation of their legacy system in order to provide access to their expanding team and business process. Here, we have assisted ChurchShield with efficient customized solution.
  • Increasing customer portfolio requires to automate and bulk tax file submission in order to save time and money without loosing quality of services and satisfying government laws for Indiana state.

Return on Investment

  • ChurchShield can efficiently generates XMLs according to government laws and upload it to the government site.
  • The application efficiently helps keeping the log of generated XMLs to identify/differentiate generated XMLs with non generated records.
  • It had mad the Taxation Operations much easy and effective
  • It not only takes care of essential Taxation Operations but also manage all required Tax Form.

Solution Delivered

  • To target the problem, we came-up with the innovative idea of creating a web based portal incorporated with government laws for bulk file submission using specific XML generation.
  • We’ve delivered a solution that communicate with Microsoft GP to fetch the information in appropriate manner and to generate the XML as per government laws. Our solution not only generates the XML at once but it also keeps a record for each generated XML so that our client can easily identify number of generated records and proceed further accordingly. This delivers the ultimate satisfaction in data process management system to the client. Easy yet efficient interface allows ChurchShield to process for taxation without any additional headache.

Technologies Used

  • Database -SQL Server 2008
  • Architecture –MVC Framework
  • Language – C#
  • Web Technology – .Net (MVC)
  • Service – MVC Api
  • javascript-frameworks:AngularJS
  • Tools – Visual Studio 2015
  • Operating System – Windows Server 2008

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