Enhancing Admin Portal

Our client, ChurchShield LLC, offers accounting, payroll, HR and other services which were designed specifically for churches. They’ll help to save money and gain efficiency – all while staying compliant with complicated governmental regulations.

How Product Helped

Keeping the problem faced by ChurhShield in mind, MahantTech Consulting came-up with the innovative idea of creating a web based portal incorporated with the Microsoft technology known as GP Dynamics 2013.

We’ve delivered a solution that communicate with Microsoft GP in order to fetch the information and submit the information.  To achieve the solution, we’ve migrating data from old SharePoint site to the new one.  This delivers the ultimate satisfaction in data process management system to the client.  Easy yet efficient interface allows ChurchShield to share access across its clients.  And now, they are working with us on the extension module of the project.

Results / Return on Investment:

  • ChurchShield can efficiently share access across number of users
  • The application efficiently helps in managing modules like accounting, tax, payrolls
  • It had mad the HR Operations much easy and effective.
  • It not only takes care of essential Customer Relationship Management (CRM) but also manage IRS Compliance, Audit and Compensation and other modules as well.

Technologies Used

Database — SQL Server 2008
Architecture – 3 Tear Architecture
Language – C#
Middleware – WCF Service
Web Technology – SharePoint (.Net)
Service – WCF Service
Tools – Visual Studio 2010, PowerShell
Operating System – Windows Server 2008

Executive Summary

Expanding business rapidly requires upgradation & automation of their legacy system to provide access to their expanding team. Here, we have assisted ChurchShield with efficient customized solution.


Due to legacy system, it was restricted to grant access to their clients. It also increases risk of data security, limited licencing in Microsoft GP along with other constraints. Main challenges that ChurchShield LLC wanted to overcome are as follows:-

    • Easy yet secure access to the their clients
    • Enhanced user’s license in the Microsoft GP

    ChurchShield was facing difficulty in giving the access to the users due to legacy restricted system also lacking of security. Although they have limited users license in the Microsoft GP along with certain other constraints. We delivered efficient yet secure system that manages all its clients effectively.

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