Logi analytics is a business analytics platform that empowers technology professionals to quickly create analytic applications. These applications proposal self-service analytical abilities that can be accessed from wherever and on any device. Logi Info can also embed analytics directly into a company’s effective business applications.A data discovery application intended for business users to "shape, evaluate, and imagine data without IT assistance.” Decision-making is proficient through a commendations approach that transports best practices in data summarizing and data visualization to make examination easier for non-technical users. Association is accomplished using societal techniques such as labeling, following, reporting, sticking, and standing for workgroups to share and discuss insights

  • Client challenges
  • Speech-to-text Engine
  • Benefits: Optimized performance, Accurateanalytics.
  •  Client challenges
  •   Tackling Cart & Browse Abandonment
  •  Defining processes and structures
  •  Benefits: Personalized email, Cartconversion, Browseconversion, Revenue increase.
  •  Client challenges
  •  Mobile application
  • Benefits: Maximized revenue streams, Improved Customer Engagement, Enhanced customer experience, Targetedcampaigns, Customerpreferences.
  • Client challenges
  • Combining data

  • Benefits: Better services, Improved customer satisfaction, Understandingcustomer, Increased Customer Loyalty.

At Logi Analytics, we are reimagining how software can authorize people, establishments, and products to produce, share, and benefit from analyst