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Are you property owner who does not find best way to manage the properties or student who is tired of searching rooms and did not get the best place to live at new place.

MahantTech have come up with an innovative solution to solve your problem so that you can focus on your studies and owners can relax and focus on other important work.

Benefits In Details

Multi Hostel Management System at Single Glance

Manage all your hostels from one place.

No Hardware Cost

You do not have to worry about the latest mobile or computer for using this software you can use it from any of the device available with you.

No Installment Cost

Get rid of the installment charges it is very easy to install with zero cost.

Register and Go

No need to fill in number of lines to register yourself it is very easy to get started with only three steps registration process.

Data Security

The software allows you to operate by any ways from your mobile, computer and tablet.

Access from Anywhere

You can access your account by sitting from any where in the planet.

Access by any ways

The software allows you to operate by any ways from your mobile, computer and tablet.

Low Cost and Low Maintenance

We are offering this software at amazingly low cost and we have developed this with such a care that you do not have to worry about its maintenance.

Easy Check in Check out

It is user friendly software that do need require any specialized technical skills to operate.


You can register any number of properties and bed with our software.

24*7 Support

We are always there to help you whenever you want.

Zero Down Time

As we have publish this software on best cloud providing service our software never gets down.


Get auto upgrade every month.

Account Payable and Receivable

You can get all the information about the payment received and amount that is to be collected. So you do not have to remember any data.

Balance Sheet Generation

You can get all the details of debit and credit of your account by generating balance sheet with our software which will give you better insights about your business.


Property Management

Permission Management

Customer Management

Room Management

Finance Management

Supplier Management

Bed Management

Guest Management

Employee Management

Mess Management

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