Church Community Engagement

A platform that enables the activities which needs to be perform by all members of Religious Community with ability to track activities of friends & family members connected via Social Media Platform.

User Roles

Church User

This will be the church user of particular church. He/she will access to manage all details of particular Church in order to provide better and complete information to the Devotee.

  • Church Manager
  • Manages details of a particular Church
  • Gets Reports related to Church

Admin User

This will be the System User of proposed system.  He/she will have complete access of all the parameters of system.  He/she will also have access to generate various reports based on usage.

  • Backend / System User
  • Manages System Parameters
  • Get Reports

End User

This will be the end user of proposed system. He/she will be a devotee of any church who willing to participate and get engage with religious activities.

  • The Devotee
  • Prayers & Activities Enabler
  • Socially Connected with other Devotees

Church User Features

  • Church Activities/Events Management
  • Church Profile Management
  • Church Prayer Request Management
  • Church User Management
  • Church Reports

Backend / System User Features

  • Church Management
  • System User Management
  • Post Moderation Management
  • Devotee Moderation Management
  • Advertisement Management
  • System Parameters Management
  • Reports

End User Features

  • Login/Subscription
  • Prayer Tracking
  • Personal
  • Traditional
  • Discipleship Programs
  • Micro Blogging (approval based)
  • Media Streaming
  • Prayer Request
  • Activities/Events (Calendar View)
  • Social Groups
  • Help/Guidance
  • Note Taking / Bookmark
  • Advertisement & Social Media Sharing
  • My Churches
  • Church Check-In/Attendance
  • Church Activities
  • Church Profile
  • Church Gallery
  • Church Prayers
  • Church Announcement
  • Church Directory
  • Church Calendar
  • Church Offerings
  • Prayer Request for Church