Our experience had made us expert of most popular SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Yet, we are flexible enough to fit in to your space as per your need. Let’s discuss more in details.


In order to ensure a smooth transition from the Business Development team to the Project Execution team we employ various processes internally and externally. Some of the steps may be deployed before the confirmation of the project.

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Definition of points of
  • contact
  • Clients Business and Processes
  • Project Planning


After the initial planning and formation of the team it is important to execute the plan to perfection. Some of the processes that are usually implemented into Software Outsourcing project execution process and as follows

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Project requirements clarification
  • Database & Architectural design
  • Build & Test the solution
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing


After use of comprehensive set of testing methodologies we assure to deliver final product as per the expected quality. However it is all the more important to have the client’s acceptance of delivered product. User Acceptance testing (UAT) ensures that the application developed passes the criteria as defined and agreed by the Client and MahantTech.


After the completions of the project we enter into the product/ project support phase and Bug Fixing Phase. The duration is pre-defined and agreed to between the Client and Mahant Tech in the proposal/ SLA document. During this period all bugs with respect to development undertaken and as against the scope defined and agreed to will be fixed for free.


Planning and Risk Management & Mitigation is a continuous process at MahantTech. We make sure we send Project Status Reports (PSR) periodically either it may be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly depending on what has been agreed to for the project with the client. Our team of qualified experts including the Delivery, Project Manager and Independent Project Reviewers makes sure that these processes are followed during all the phases of the project so that the project health is in check, changes to the scope are tracked and re-scoped with efforts, risks are highlighted and mitigated, timelines are adhered to and team planning is monitored and projected.


Proper Communication and Reporting Protocol are followed at Mahant Tech using standard report templates and communication mechanism. At MahantTech it is our practice to update client about project progress, risks that arises, any dependencies with the client that may cause the delay, problems that need resolution etc. By default, the following

SDLC Process

Software Development Methodologies

Continuous integration (CI)

CI is the best approach to avoid integration problems. As part of it we utilize many CI tools, including Jenkins, an open source, cross-platform application to carry out continuous integration and delivery. Our developers use it to build and test apps, making it easy for them to integrate changes to the project and obtain a fresh build. Jenkins is great for integrating a number of other testing and deployment technologies and has multiple plugins, allowing our programmers to customize it for individual projects.


We are in complete favor of the DevOps culture as we believe that software developers and other IT professionals need to collaborate, communicate as well as integrate in order to automate and improve the process of infrastructure changes and software delivery. We understand that it is absolutely necessary for developers and IT professionals to work in harmony and be interdependent on each other to perfectly produce and deploy software and various other IT services for our clients.

Agile methodology

MahantTech’s developers had put agile methodology in regular practice for its various good reasons. Some agile methods and processes reflects in our work are:

Scrum | Agile Unified Process | | Kanban | Dynamic systems development method Feature-driven development | Crystal Clear Methods | Lean software development | Disciplined agile delivery